Persian Cats for Sale in Scotland

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As one of the most popular breed of cats, the Persian makes just about the perfect feline friend; glamorous and sweet-natured too – the Persian Cat with his expressive eyes really make a great companion for any cat lover.

The Persian is a medium-to large sized cat. He’s been around for centuries now, with the first Persian being shown as a ‘show-cat’ in the UK in 1871. History has it that the Persian Cat was introduced to Italy in the 1600s from Persia and separately to France around the same time – when long-haired cats were imported from Turkey. It’s thought that these long-haired cats were one and the same breed!

Some say that the breed comes from Egyptian descent, with this theory backed up by hieroglyphics of long-haired cats found in ancient Egyptian tombs!

Nonetheless, the good-looking Persian Cat with his long-flowing hair is a charming and clever kitty. Owners just love them for their adorable looks and as family pets.

Persian Cats for Sale Persian Cats for Sale in Scotland


The Persian is not a clingy cat and as long as he has plenty of toys and places to snuggle up for cat-naps he will do well. That said, he loves his owner to play with him; games such as ‘fishing rods’, ‘toys on strings’ and ‘fetch’ are the best things since a saucer of milk to the Persian!

The Persian Cat is not overly demanding; he loves to be around his owner and to be petted, but he also likes to do things in his own time – preferring to size up any game and activity before diving in. Once he’s in action – in play-mode – there’s actually no stopping him!

The Persian can be left alone quite happily, but he doesn’t like to be left for long periods. He gets on well with children and makes a good choice for families with children of any age. This is what makes him an ideal family pet. As with any pets, children should always be supervised and trained to know their cat’s boundaries and when to give the animal space. The Persian Cat will let you know when he’s had enough of a game and when he prefers to have some quiet time.

The Persian Cat also gets on well with dogs and most other pets; he really is quite a sociable and laid back little fellow – just make sure the other pets are cat friendly too!

Description of the Persian Cat

With his luxurious long coat, which can come in lots of colours from smoke, to golden, chinchilla, cameo, pewter, tortoisehell, tortoiseshell and white, tabbie, bi-colour, cameo and shaded silver, the Persian Cat actually has a short and stocky, muscular body with short-ish legs, however, this takes nothing away from his glamorous good looks.

The Persian Cat has a lovely rounded head and large, eyes which always have a gentle, kind and beguiling expression. With his proud head held high, the Persian Cat also has full, round cheeks and a snubbed nose, while his smallish ears are well-tufted and rounded on his head. His muzzle is strong as the Persian has powerful jaws and his neck is short and strong leading to rather square shoulders and a deep chest. He also has well muscled hindquarters , with short and powerful legs and well-tufted paws. The Persian Cat actually has five toes on his front feet and four toes on his back feet. His tail is short and bushy and the Persian likes to swish this in style from side to side.


If you’re looking for a Persian Cat for sale in Scotland, it’s worth doing your homework on breeders within the Persian Cat arena before buying one. Persian Cats can live a long time with many living between 15 and 18 years old. There isn’t any doubt that this cat will make a fantastic buddy for the family.


If you’re looking for a Persian Cat for sale in Scotland, then you should know that he’s rather a laid-back fellow! As sais before, he loves to play ‘fishing-rod games’ and ‘fetch’ and is pretty fast on his short legs, however, he also loves to cat-nap during the day. Owners who keep their cats as indoor pets need to give them plenty to do and lots of snuggly, hidey-hole places to snooze in!


Persian Cats have long, luxurious coats which means they can be high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. His coat needs brushed on an almost daily basis to keep it from tangling and matting and he will shed more in Spring and Autumn. This is when owners will really need to keep on top of the Persian’s coat or they will find hairs all over the home. The Persian Cat actually loves the one-to-one attention he gets from grooming and it’s a really enjoyable way for owners to bond with their cat.

Persian Cats also need to have their eyes wiped regularly to keep them clean from tear stains and it’s important to check and clean his ears to avoid infection.


A mature Persian Cat should be fed several small meals each day and have access to clean drinking water at all times. Owners should monitor their cat’s weight as he matures and be careful not to overfeed as this little fellow can easily become just a bit too lazy, which isn’t good for their health in the long-run.

Cost of Keeping a Persian Cat

If you’re looking for a Persian Cat for sale in Scotland, you should expect to pay in the region of £250 to £700 for a well-bred kitten.

To keep a perfectly, purring Persian in your life will cost an average of £40 to £60 per month. This includes all grooming, feeding, spaying/neutering and vaccination costs and insurance.

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