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The Savannah is one of the largest-sized domestic cats and is a relative newbie on the cat scene.

This breed of cat was created by breeding a wild African cat known as a Serval with a Siamese to produce an Cheetah-like cat impressive cat with strong coat colours and contrasting black spots. It’s very new to the UK, however, the Savannah has had a following in the States since the 1990s. That said, the Savannah breed is not recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, which means that it cannot be shown at GCCF shows although it is recognised by The International Cat Association and there are a handful of breeders interested in developing it here in the UK.

The Savannah can reach up to a weight of 13 kilograms making him one of the largest domestic cat breeds around. This cat also holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest of the domestic cat breeds since 2006!

The first offspring between a Serval with a Siamese was produced by a breeder of Bengal cats, Judee Frank, who named the first kitten Savannah. This was the first kitten from the pairing and she gave her name to the brand new breed. Another two cat enthusiasts, Patrick Kelley and Joyce Stroufe, got involved in breeding these cats and together wrote a Standard that was taken to the International Cat Association and the new cat breed was recognised in 2001. The Savannah only became an established breed in the UK in 2010.

Savannah Cats for Sale in Scotland Savannah Cats for Sale in Glasgow


Savannah’s are said to be quite dog-like pets. The Savannah is a cat that will quite often wag his tail when he is happy – he is also playful cat, inquisitive about all activities and he will gladly follow you to the ends of the earth such is his devotion! With his long legs, the Savannah enjoys leaping around and checking the world from high vantage points. He’s also a cat that isn’t afraid of water and will actually enjoy splashing around just as a dog would.

The Savannah is quite a vocal little buddy to have around the house and the sounds he makes range from chirps to meows and the odd hiss and growl, which he may make on encountering a stranger or unfamiliar situation, however, once he realises that the stranger is a friend of the family, he will take this in his stride whether it be a new human, cat or dog visiting the family.

It’s important that this cat is exercised and socialised well from kitten-hood, introducing him to many sights, sounds, human and other pets as possible. This will ensure that he’s a well-developed, friendly and confident pet.

He’s a clever little dude and his curiosity can lead to mischief if he’s left to his own devices, so it’s worth having cat toys around the home and special cat vantage points that he can climb to – to keep him out of trouble and avoid him being destructive in the home.

Description of the Savannah

The Savannah’s coat comes in various guises depending on the domestic breed of cat used in the breeding match with the Serval. This means that the Savannah’s coat can be classic tabby, marble or pointed and colours can include smoke, brown and silver, while diluted colours are also becoming more popular including blue, lilac and chocolate – although breeders are encouraged to sell these cats on as non-breeding pets so that original standards can be maintained.

Permitted crosses that make up the Savannah would be with the Ocicat, Egyptian Mau, the Oriental short-hair and the domestic short-hair with a wild Serval. Such domestic cats including the Bengal or Maine Coone breeds should not be used in the Savannah cross as although this can produce a beautiful, rangy, wild-looking cat, it can also result in producing undesirable genes.

Now that the breed has actually been well-established with a good gene pool in the US and here in the UK, Savannahs are mostly bred like-to-like, with the occasional exception of crossing back with a Serval.

The Savannah has a wild cat, long-legged appearance with hind-quarters that sit higher than his shoulders. The Savannah kitten is born with blue eyes but these will soon turn to brown , green or gold as the cat grows into an adult. His eyes are set beneath a hooded brow and he will have dark tear-streaks down the sides of his nose to his whiskers just like a Cheetah. He will also have large sonar-style ears – a trait taken again from the Serval and a light coloured band outlined in darker fur behind his ears.


If you’re looking for a Savannah kitten for sale in Scotland, it’s worth considering that this cat can have an expected lifespan similar to the wild Serval, which live up to 20 years! This is a fair commitment for any pet owner, but the Savannah will make a good family companion and become quite a character in the home.


If you’re looking for a Savannah kitten for sale in Scotland, then you should know that he’s a high-energy cat and best suited to a high energy human! The Savannah is definitely not a lap cat; he loves to play and learn new things. Again, like a dog, he can actually be taught to learn simple to complex commands, however, he will happily catnap on the sofa with you in the evening.

Just be sure to have cat toys and cat climbing frames for him to climb on and keep him busy to avoid any destruction in the home.


The good news for owners of the Savannah is that he has a short, sleek coat which needs minimal grooming. The Savannah also needs to have his ears cleaned on a regular basis so that wax doesn’t build up and cause infection.


The Savannah should be fed small meals made up to include 30% protein several times per day. Treats should make up no more than 20% of a cat’s diet and drinking water should always be available.

Cost of Keeping a Savannah

If you’re looking for a Savannah kitten for sale in Scotland, then you should know that it is a rare breed to come by and that means that he can be a pricey cat to buy. You should expect to pay in and around the region of £1000 to £1500 for a well-bred kitten from a reputable breeder.

To keep a sleek and slinky Savannah in your life will cost an average of £30 to £60 per month. This allows for all grooming, feeding, spaying/neutering and vaccination costs.

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