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The Siamese Cat is one of the most popular breeds of cat on the planet. These charming, talkative felines make great companions and family pets. With his elegant blue eyes, the Siamese Cat is an athletic-looking, sleek and sophisticated, medium-sized cat who is rather charming, loves human company and does not like to be left on his own for any length of time.

The Siamese Cat is an ancient breed although he didn’t arrive in the UK until the 1880s. He was actually a sacred cat in ancient times in the country of Siam (now Thailand) where he was used to guard Buddhist temples. In these times, Siamese kittens were highly sought-after and anyone who was given a Siamese kitten was thought to have been honoured with a most sacred gift. Anyone found stealing a Siamese Kitten was punished for the crime by death.

Siamese Cats for Sale in Scotland Siamese Cats for Sale in Glasgow


The Siamese Cat can be considered a little creature of habit. There isn’t any doubt that he is a little fellow who likes routine. As such he likes to know when he’s getting fed (around the same time every day is preferable), and he likes to know when his owner will be coming home and that the furniture will not be getting moved around! Otherwise, he can be a loud and vocal little guy and will gladly hold long conversations with his owner to let him know when he’s happy or unhappy – and that’s just one of the things that make him an endearing cat to own.

The Siamese Cat can be a rather demanding little pet and does not like to be left on his own for long periods, in fact, he’d much rather there was one person at home with for most of the time. He’s actually a clever, sociable character and a bit of an extrovert, who particularly enjoys the company of another Siamese Cat – especially when they are brought up together.

Description of the Siamese Cat

When the Siamese Cat first came to the UK, he had seal brown points on a cream body, however, breeders began developing more colours and did this by introducing other breeds into the mix. Originally, Siamese Cats were born with squint eyes, however, this was a fault and has largely been bred out, but there are tales of cross-eyed Siamese Cats which span through the decades.

Nowadays, the Siamese Cat remains one of the most popular breeds across the land and he’s one of the most recognisable too.

With his sparkling, blue eyes that slant towards his nose and classic points on his coat, the Siamese Cat is an athletic, lithe and sophisticated feline with a wedge shaped head, a relatively long body and elegant, long and slender legs. His back legs are longer than his front legs with oval-shaped feet adding to his graceful profile and he also boasts a long straight, tapered tail.

The Siamese Cat always appears on the alert with his intelligent blue eyes and large erect ears on top of his head. The Siamese Cat’s facial profile narrows down to a rather pointed muzzle with a straight chin and he has a level bite.

His coat is glossy and lies cose to his body with point marks clearly defined around the cat’s mask, ears, feet and tail. The rest of a Siamese Cat’s body has some shading on their backs and sides, while the cats’ bib, chests and bellies are pale.

If you’re looking for a Siamese cat in Scotland, it’s worth noting that he can come in just about every shade including Chocolate Point, Seal Point, Blue Point, Cinnamon Point, Caramel Point, Tabby Point , Apricot Point, Blue Tortie Tabby Point, Cinnamon Tortie Tabby Point, Cream Point and Lilac Tortie Point, Fawn Tortie Point, Seal Tortie Point. It’s worth doing research into reputable breeders before buying a kitten.


If you’re looking for a Siamese Cat for sale in Scotland, you should know that he is a long term investment! A Siamese Cat can live between 15 and 20 years, but they make wonderful pets and loving companions.


If you’re looking for a Siamese Cat for sale in Scotland, then you need to know that he’d a clever little fellow who learns new things like how to open cupboards and doors very quickly. He’s also a high energy cat who enjoys games such as fetch and he likes to climb and likes to view the world from a high vantage point! The Siamese Cat will also follow his owner around for hours on end simply because he loves to be with them.

The Siamese Cat is an explorer too and likes to explore his environment, but he should only be allowed if it’s safe to do so.


Siamese Cats have short, glossy close-lying coats which means they can are low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. The Siamese’s coat will need brushed just once per week and wiped over with a chamois leather cloth to keep it in good condition. As with other breeds, the Siamese Cat will shed more in Spring and Autumn and may need brushed a bit mire at these times to keep your house clean.

Siamese Cats also need to have their eyes wiped regularly to keep them clean from tear stains and it’s important to check and clean his ears to avoid infection.


A mature Siamese Cat should be fed several small meals each day. This cat needs a diet that is high in protein and he should have access to clean drinking water at all times. Owners should be careful to watch their Siamese Cat’s weight as he is prone to overeating if allowed and obesity which would not be good for his health.

Cost of Keeping a Siamese Cat

If you’re looking for a Siamese Cat for sale in Scotland, you should expect to pay in the region of £400 to £500 for a well-bred kitten.

To keep a sophisticated Siamese Cat in your life will cost an average of £40 to £60 per month. This includes all grooming, feeding, spaying/neutering and vaccination costs and insurance.

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