Our wonderful alaskan malamute needs rehoming

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For Adoption by sandy kellierosa9

Key facts

Pet type  : Dogs
Pet breed  : Alaskan Malamute(Breed Info)
Advert Type  : For Adoption
Advertiser Type  : Standard
Pets Age  : 3 months, 6 days
Microchipped  : Yes
Has the Pet been Neutered?  : Yes
Vaccinations Up-to-Date  : Yes
KC Registered  : Yes

Full details

Our wonderful alaskan malamute needs rehomingbeauty. Our wonderful alaskan malamute needs rehoming to a forever special home. He's a good boy who likes lots of fuss and long walks. He requires plenty of outdoor space and he's not one for the indoor life other than perhaps when sleeping. His name is tallen and he's a little over 7 years old. He's fawn and white with brown eyes. He does not play well with children or other pets so his new home must be child and pet free...!!!! He eats only dry food and drinks a tonnage of water. He's not fond of cuddly dog toys but loves a bone to chew... Real dog bone that is, not the toy kind. He can be stubborn at times like all malamutes and that's why it's very important that his new owner has had this breed before so they can handle him with the respect and love that he so rightly deserves. Please do not call or text and simply ask if you can have him. If you are interested then message me and tell
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