Blue Governor for stud duties only fully kc and proven many times over.


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For Stud by Jason Clarke  clarkey9546

Key facts

Pet type  : Dogs
Pet breed  : Staffordshire Bull Terrier(Breed Info)
Advert Type  : For Stud
Advertiser Type  : Standard
Pets Age  : 5 years, 4 months
Microchipped  : Yes
Has the Pet been Neutered?  : No
Vaccinations Up-to-Date  : Yes
KC Registered  : Yes

Full details

Hello and welcome.
Blue Governor is up for stud duties.KC registered girls only and proof required before booking with my stud.

Full Kc registered with papers and 5 generation to prove.
Will also provide KC documentation of previous litters and pictures of matings/pups/ties.
Many champions in generation including-CH lethal weapon of crashkon- CH crossguns revolution - CH valglo corolla - CH Polynesian waka navigator- CH valglo Casanova at crossguns- CH valglo lancer- CH valglo jeff's choice-
Grandson of valglo singin' The blues.
Stunning bloodline that will be passed on to pups as this boy never fails to put a girl in pup and also can provide poof of many registered litters fully kc and proven many times over.

This big lad has a amazing temperament ,we have two children that have a amazing bond with him.

His pups are in high demand and constantly get people contact me asking for one of his pups so this info can be passed on if the owner of the dam wishes.

He is proven many times over.
Fully kc registered,pictures do not do this boy justice he is a stunning example of the breed,he has a MASSIVE HEAD I would put him next to any stud in the uk.Very muscular frame and a short muzzel,beautiful rose bud ears and correct scissor bite.

His diet.
Since has been part of the family at 10 weeks old his diet has been a consistent combination of
Raw Ox-beef-lamb-pig heart,raw chicken-tripe-fish- john burnes biscuits ect,
when you see him in the flesh then you will understand why I am so proud of this lad he is very ripped-solid- unbalevabley strong and he isn't over worked.

I have a lot of pride in my boy so will go beyond boundaries of what other stud owners will do for example being in the middle of the mating managing the dogs and ensuring both are safe and content with what's going on and also letting the dogs get to know each other before season if possible and advice when needed as I will give you full info on diet of the dam throughout her pregnancy tips on the labour and aftercare of the dam and whelping of the pups.

His brilliant bloodline and diet reflects his size and beautiful colouring this also will and has been passed on to his pups as all have his features including his huge head and many born solid blue.his strong personality and patients brakes through boundaries of even the most stubborn or inexperienced dam and I am delighted to say he has done his job with every girl I have put him over,

£200 paid On first tie.Two matings 48 hours the rare even that your girl fails to conceive you can bring her back next season for free (not over priced like many on here.)
KC girls only and proof of this will be required before mating will take place.

Artificial insamination also avalible for a extra £50.two attempt's over a 48 hour period

If your after top quality puppies,I assure you his lad will provide.

Jason & Louise
Please note,NOT FOR SALE.
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