TICA Registered scotish fold kittens
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For Sale by Debbie Daisykain@hotmail.com
PLEASE READ FULL ADVERT BEFORE CONTACTING US* We are members of the GCCF & TICA Cat clubs, we are small hobby / show breeders of Heath Tested GCCF & TICA Registered British shorthair kitten & TICA Registered Scottish fold kittens. We sometimes get a longhaired kitten in a litter, If you are interested in giving one of our kittens a first class home, please register your interest now as we have a waiting list. We...
Registered Scottish fold Kittens
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For Adoption by pamela75wilson pamela75
Registered Scottish fold Kittens This is not a breeder advert, the kittens are at home and mingle with the other cats and a dog. Used to children and all household sounds. Love to play and are very cheeky.
Scottish Fold Male for Stud
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For Stud by Dmitry Fakanov
Our lovely Scottish Fold boy invites some other lovely Scottish Straight girls. Our boy is registered with TICA as well as the WCF as we were in Italy. He won some awards in juniors’ categories. He has a pedigree with generations of awarded ancestors too. As you can see from the photo his Scottish Fold breed’ standards are impeccable – perfect coat, contrast pattern, big rounded head with perfect folded ears and very...