American Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Scotland

The American Bulldog with its longer legs is much more agile dog than his English Bulldog cousin. Faster moving and light on his feet, he’s been known to be able to jump heights of up to 6ft!

There isn’t any doubt that the American Bulldog is a strong, sturdy dog who needs an equally strong master - with time on his hands to train and socialise the American Bulldog to be a well- behaved member of the family.

The American Bulldog is alert and confident. He loves his humans and is a gentle giant with children although as with all dogs, all interaction with kids should be supervised by an adult.

This dog will be very protective of his family so proper training and socialisation from the early days is a must, so that he doesn’t regard all strangers as a threat. With that said, he is not a naturally hostile dog and with the right handling can become a loving, kind and devoted dog.

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American Bulldog for Sale American Bulldog Puppies for Sale


Courageous, kind and reliable, the American Bulldog makes for a loyal and trusted companion. He is a high energy dog and needs firm and consistent training from his master to fine tune him into an obedient pet, otherwise he can be a bit stubborn and likes to do things when it suits him!

The American Bulldog is popular in the UK and abroad because of his loving, kind nature and his kind-of-clunky, yet handsomelooks!

The American Bulldog forms a strong bond with his family and like to be in the midst of everything, whether going on outings to the countryside, the park or the beach or playing in the home or in the garden. He’s a sturdy big dog and that’s why his owner has to have a firm handle on him, so that things never become too boisterous, especially if there are younger children in the house.

The American Bulldog simply doesn’t know his strength and being greeted by an exuberant eight stone animal at the front door is fine if you’re a fit and healthy adult, but if you’re a child or a frail adult, this dog could knock you into the middle of next week!

Description of the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog has similar looks to the English Bulldog , albeit he is taller and a bit more slender and lithe. He is a striking looking character with his large powerful looking head and high forehead and a broad muscular neck. The Amercian Bulldog also has a thick broad muzzle and a reverse scissor bite. The preferred colour for his eyes is brown and these can be round or almond shaped and they are set wide apart on his face. Ears can vary in that they can be small to medium in size and be drop down, semi pricked or look like their permanently on alert!

This dog has a very muscly, compact body with a wide back and deep chest. He also has well-boned muscly legs, while his tail is thick at the base and tapers to the tip. He holds his tail upright when alert.

The American Bulldog stands at around 50 to 71 cm tall and weighs in between 27 and 54 kgs.

The American Bulldog is not a recognised breed in the UK Kennel Club but is recognised by the American Kennel Club, with the preferred accepted coat colours being black, blue, merle and tricolour.

If you’re looking for an American Bulldog puppy in Scotland, you are probably familiar with the breed. Just be sure to do your homework on reputable breeders and check out the parentage of the dog before you buy one. It’s always wise to visit the dog with its mother in its place of birth before getting into a contract to buy a particular animal.


If you’re looking for n American Bulldog puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that these dogs can live from 14- 16 years old, so be prepared to train him well and to enjoy this dog for the long-haul! He will become a treasured stalwart of the family.


If you’re looking for American Bulldog puppy for sale in Scotland, you should know that this big chap is a high energy and curious dog that needs to be given the right amount of mental and physical stimulation to keep him happy and out of trouble . Ideally, he needs 40-60 minutes of exercise each day and more when possible. Otherwise, unwanted destructive behaviour could be problematic when this big guy starts chewing items in the home.

These dogs also love to be able to roam around a garden but beware that you will need to fence the American Bulldog in – he’s a bit of a jumper and a tunneller, so a fence that is both high and well sunk into the ground should be erected to keep him from escaping!

Care should also be taken around small animals as he will chase them. Again, socialisation with other pets from a young age should make him more amenable to sharing his space.


American Bulldogs are quite low maintenance on the grooming front and owners can get away with brushing them once or twice per week. That said, he is prone to skin allergies and it’s best t keep a close eye on his skin and coat. Regular brushing will also keep shedding under control when these dogs shed most in Spring and Autumn.

Gliding over his coat with a chamois leather cloth will give his coat a lovely sheen! The American Bulldog’s ears should also be checked for wax and cleaned regularly to stop any wax building up which can cause infection.


Adult American Bulldogs should be fed twice per day with drinking water always available. Owners should monitor their dog’s weight and exercise to check that he is being fed the right amount as although they are high energy dogs, these big guys love their food and can be prone to putting on weight in later years.

Cost of Keeping an American Bulldog

If you’re looking for an American Bulldog puppy in Scotland, you should know it will set you back £400 to £1200 to buy one of these big guys from well-bred stock. Additional costs will include food, pet insurance, vaccinations, grooming and neutering. All of this will add up to between £70 to £140 bper month to keep him a healthy, happy and fit dog.

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