Boston Terriers Puppies for Sale in Scotland

The friendly Boston Terrier is also known as the ‘American Gentleman’ because of his tuxedo black and white markings, but he can also come in the colours of brindle or seal and white too. He’s a dapper, sturdy little fellow who loves to be at the heart of the family.

He also loves to play and he’s good at doggy sports! The Boston Terrier would actually make a good dog for the first-time dog owner as he’s relatively easy to train and very companionable. He’s known for having an affinity with his family and the breed is used as a therapy dog too.

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If you’re looking for a Boston Terrier puppy for sale in Scotland, then you should know that the Border Terrier makes just about the perfect package for the first-time dog owner.

The Boston Terrier is a little dog who is in tune with his owner; that’s what makes him a good therapy dog! In everyday life this also makes him a sensitive dog who is keen to please and relatively easy to train.

Boston Terriers for Sale Boston Terriers Puppies for Sale

Charming in nature, some Boston Terriers can be a bit of a one person pet, however, most are friendly with everyone and anyone welcomed into the home is viewed as a friend! That said, the Boston Terrier will alert his owner to strangers at the door and makes for a dependable watchdog.

When it comes to training, owners should establish leadership with the clever Boston Terrier while keeping their tone of voice firm, but always on a positive note or this slightly stubborn little guy will shut down to commands. Trust and respect needs to be established on both sides of the relationship to keep this dog happy in the home, but he likes to know his place and who can rely on for leadership and guidance.

The Boston Terrier is easy to groom with his sleek coat and easy to train and housebreak as long as positive reinforcement methods and rewards are used. The Boston Terrier also needs to be well-socialised from puppyhood to make him a well behaved, outgoing dog.

Portable, yet, definitely not a fragile lapdog, the Boston Terrier is a sturdy small dog who will put on a brave display of bluster on spotting a larger dog outdoors, however, he is not an aggressive, physical kind of dog by any standards.

The Boston Terrier may play the clown for attention and he can also get a bit boisterous when playing, however, he gets on with most pets and, is good with kids – though all interaction between kids and any dog should always be supervised. The Boston Terrier loves activity so also excels in doggy sports including obedience, flyball and agility classes.

This breed likes to be in the hub of the family and does not like to be left alone. The Boston Terrier can actually develop separation anxiety if he’s not trained from a young age to use a crate or to go to his own bed. His much preferred type of owner is someone who can work from home or spend most of their time with him!

Description of the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier first came to be a recognised breed in America in 1873 and he owes some of his looks to the British Bulldog, which was crossed with a number of terriers and other bulldog breeds to create the breed we know today.

He is now a popular little dog across the globe thanks to his stylish looks, even temperament and cheery personality!

The good looking Boston Terrier, which can also be known as the Boston Bulldog, is actually much more graceful looking than any of the other bulldog breeds. He is slimmer with longer legs, but he still has the short muzzle and popping round eyes that see most of the bulldog types suffer from breathing problems and eye conditions such as Cherry Eye and Corneal Ulcers. The Boston Terrier’s short muzzle also means he is prone to a bit of snoring and drooling! And nothing to do with his eyes; wind – he’s a gassy little guy!

With a square shaped head, eyes round and wide apart, a short muzzle and black nose, the Boston Terrier is sturdy, but of lithe build with his elegant neck and long legs. The Boston Terrier looks as though he has quite a short body with a slightly arched back and wide chest. His hindquarters are muscular and strong. He also has a smooth short coat either brindle or black and white with distinctive markings and can carry his tail straight or curled, but never above his back.

The Boston Terrier stands at between 38 to 43 cm and weighs around 7 to 11.5 kgs.


If you’re looking for a Boston Terrier puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth noting that they can live up to 10 to 15 years! It’s a good lifespan for this breed of dog, who will be happy to go everywhere with the family.


If you’re looking for a Boston Terrier puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that a he needs at least two twenty minute walks each day to keep him physically fit and mentally stimulated. The Boston Terrier is a bundle of energy and without his walks he can he can get bored and start getting up to mischief, chewing up items of furniture in the home.

Owners also need to be careful to look after this dog’s eyes when playing and also be sure not to keep him outside or play too hard in warm weather, which could prompt respiratory problems due to his compromised breathing system and short muzzle.

Likewise, the Boston Terrier doesn’t like to be out in weather that’s too cold either because he has a really short coat.


The amount of grooming required by a Boston Terrier is minimal; the Boston Terrier will get by on a weekly groom that will see his coats gleam and keep their skin in good condition. This little guy will actually love the one-to-one attention he gets from a grooming session and this will strengthen the bond between him and his owner.

It’s also important to get the Boston Terrier used to having his paws and tail touched during this process as this will make clipping his nails much easier when the time comes. Ears should also be checked frequently and kept dry to avoid infection.


Boston Terriers should be fed twice per day and treats should make up only 20% of this dog’s daily diet. He is rather food-motivated and not the most high energy dog, so owners need to keep an eye on his weight as he grows older.

Cost of Keeping a Boston Terrier

If you’re looking for a Boston Terrier puppy in Scotland, you should know that the average price to buy a puppy ranges between £700 to £1000 for a well-bred dog. It will cost on average between around £60 to £100 per month to keep a Boston Terrier in your home. This includes food, pet insurance, grooming and vaccinations and neutering.

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