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Energetic is the perfect word that sums up the average Boxer dog! Playful, friendly, confident and brave are just a few others that describe this fun-loving breed!

Standing at between 53 and 60 cm tall and weighing in between 25 and 32 kg – depending on whether the dog is a male or female – means that the Boxer is a whole lot of dog with an enthusiastic personality to match.

It’s been said that owning a Boxer will entertain you all your days as his clown-like antics are comical and he puts this clown-act on especially for his owners to make them laugh. Apparently, once you own a Boxer, you never look back and become hooked on them for life!

The Boxer is a recognised Kennel Club breed that resides in the Working Dog group.

Boxer Dog for Sale Boxer Puppies for Sale


The Boxer is a high-energy dog and definitely not for a family of couch potatoes! This dog loves to play and he loves the outdoors. He also just loves being with his humans and he’s great with children of all ages. You just have to watch him around small kids as he’s so exuberant about joining in to play that he might just knock them over.

Extremely loyal to his family, the Boxer also makes a brilliant guard-dog and he’s quick to alert his owners to any intruders in the home. He’s also a people pleaser and eager to keep his family happy and this makes him relatively easy to train. That said, the Boxer does need to be handled in a firm but fair manner right from the off , as a dog that will grow to his size should never be allowed to assume he’s above the human pecking order in the home. Indeed, no dog should!

Dogs that are treated like babies and coddled too much, can become wilful, so they always needs to be kept in check and owners should always ensure that they are always aware of who’s boss.

The Boxer is an intelligent, friendly dog who needs a family who love the outdoors as much as he does. Whether it’s the park, the beach or back yard, this dog, loves nothing better than playing with a Frisbee or a ball!

The Boxer can be a bit of a handful as he’s boisterous when he is young, but with the correct training and socialisation from early on, the Boxer will eventually calm down. His sheer zest for life is refreshing and he makes an excellent doggy companion.

Description of the Boxer

The Boxer is said to have originated in Germany and the breed was perfected and descended by the crossing of dogs such as Great Danes and Bulldogs. He became a popular working and hunting dog in the 19th century, arriving in the UK only in the 1930s when Boxer enthusiasts established the British Boxer Dog Club.

The breed was also accepted into the UK Kennel Club in the same year. The Boxer is a popular breed the world over for his energetic love of life and kindness and loyalty that he shows to his family!

With his famous undershot jaw, and well-muscled body, the Boxer is a rather aloof looking dog, but this couldn’t be further from the truth as he really is a joker in the dog world! He does have an extremely strong mouth though he would rarely show an aggressive side to any children or other pets. These dogs do have to be well-socialised from a young age to get the best out of them.

The Boxer’s head with its broad and strong muzzle is in perfect proportion to his body. As well as his classic undershot jaw, the Boxer has alert dark brown eyes and his ears are set wide apart on the top of his head. He has quite sturdy, square appearance with long powerful legs beneath a deep chest. His hindquarters are also very strong while he carries his high.

Accepted coat colours for the Boxer include fawn o brindle with white, light to dark fawn and brindle with black stripes.


If you’re looking for a Boxer puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that this breed can live between 9-10 years. It’s a long commitment to any pet, but the Boxer will become a well-loved and fun addition to the family!


The Boxer is a playful dog that needs at least an hour to two hours’ exercise per day with access to a back garden; these dogs just love access roam around and play in the garden too - although a high fence that is dug deep into the soil should also be erected to avoid any Boxer escapee antics!

Such an intelligent big dog also needs mental stimulation otherwise boredom can creep in and Boxers dogs can start being destructive in the home as their way of letting off steam!

Owners keeping a Boxer as a family pet will need to give their dog mental and physical stimulation. Dog trials, obedience and agility classes are a good way to keep these dogs busy and entertained. Boxers will love getting involved in these physical activities and impressing their humans!


Grooming the Boxer with his short, tight coat is relatively easy and low maintenance. Dogs that have a lot of white on their coats can be prone to sunburn (although they should never be out in the sun too long), however, owners can put a little bit of children’s sun protection on their dog to keep his skin healthy.

The Boxer will also need his ears cleaned on a regular basis so wax cannot build up and cause infection. He should also have his nails cut regularly too.


The Boxer does best when fed two meals per day of good quality wet or dry food. The breed is known to have quite a sensitive digestive system and can show an allergy to wheat, so owners should look out for this as a Boxer can be prone to colitis. Bloat is another condition which can be be fatal in the Boxer dog and owners should take care not to feed their dog just before taking him out a big walk.

Neither should be fed on just arriving home from strenuous exercise to avoid this condition which can cause the stomach to twist with gas, food and water and cause damage to internal organs.

Owners should keep in mind that treats should make up only 20% of their dog’s diet and take care not to overfeed as this can actually shorten the dog’s life. The Boxer must also have access to drinking water at all times.

Cost of Keeping a Boxer

Those looking for a Boxer puppy in Scotland should know that the average price for a well-bred dog ranges between £400 to £1500.

Owners should really do thorough research into breeders before buying and always ask to see the puppy with its mother and in its place of birth before entering into a contract to buy any puppy.

It will costs on average £150 per month to keep a beautiful, bouncing Boxer in your life! This includes food, pet insurance, grooming, vaccinations and neutering.

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