Miniature Dachshund Puppies for Sale in Scotland

Who doesn’t love a Dachshund? And a Miniature Dachshund? Well who could resist... a little one! The Miniature Dachshund makes up for his lack of size in personality. And he’s got bags of the stuff!

Also known as the Wiener Dog or the Sausage Dog, the Miniature Dachshund comes in varying guises. First, there’s the Smooth Haired Miniature Dachshund, then, there’s the Wire Haired Miniature Dachshund and then, there’s the Long Haired Miniature Dachshund. Each is unique and comes with its own charming features to go with this dog’s mischievious personality.

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If you’re looking for a Miniature Dachshund puppy for sale in Scotland and want to know how life with this little guy could pan out, read on.


Perfect for apartment living or indeed a larger home, the Miniature Dachshund is one of the most popular dogs on the planet.

The Miniature Dachshund is an intelligent, active little dog that was originally bred in Germany to hunt down rabbits and badgers. This ‘hounding’ trait lives on in the little guy as there’s nothing he loves more than being out and about off leash, sniffing out scents in woodlands and chasing squirrels! Owners can channel this by playing games that mimic tracking activities and entering their dog in earth trial events – at which these dogs excel.

Miniature Dachshund Dogs for Sale Miniature Dachshund Puppies for Sale

He can be a bit stubborn, but he’s a fun, happy character to be around and for the most part, the Miniature Dachshund will do as he’s asked – just not if he spots or smells another small animal first! His recall skills when chasing down a scent are somewhat lacking. Nonetheless, the Miniature Dachshund is just as happy sitting on his owners lap as out and about. He makes a good companion and is an affectionate little dog, who is good with children especially if brought up with them.

Though dinky in size, the Miniature Dachshund is perhaps not the best breed for a first-time dog-owner. The breed definitely needs an authority figure in his life for trainability and guidance. He feels safe and secure when he has a leader to look up to otherwise he may try to become top dog in the pack and display some dominant behaviours and potentially small dog syndrome.

This can be overcome with firm, fair and consistent training and rewards. The Miniature Dachshund would never respond well to harsh treatment.

Another thing about the Miniature Dachshund is that he has a surprisingly loud and deep bark. People are generally surprised when they see where this bark came from. Initially guarding around strangers, the Miniature Dachshund will quickly make friends with guests if he sees that his family are happy to greet them.

It’s instinctive to the Miniature Dachshund to be a bit of a digger so it’s best to sink fences deep into the ground to avoid any escapee antics! It might be an idea to give him his own digging area perhaps a sandbox in the garden to avoid your flowerbeds getting dug up!

Description of the Dachshund

If you’re looking for a Dachshund puppy in Scotland, you are probably familiar with the fact that they come in the three variations of long haired, wire haired and short haired dogs. You just have to choose a preference and do your homework before you buy one. Do as much research as possible into breeders to ensure you find a well-bred pup. And make sure you visit the dog in its place of birth with its mother before buying.

The Miniature Dachshund is instantly recognisable with his long low body and short legs. He has a proud appearance as he carries his pointy little head with his swingy ears bobbing at the side. The Miniature Dachshund has almond shaped eyes which can be a dark or lighter shade in relation to the colour of its coat.

In addition to the different textures of coat, the Miniature Dachshund can display a variety of coat colours from black and tan to red, chocolate and chocolate dapple and silver dapple as accepted breed standards.

He’s quite a powerful dog, with a muscly long body and short legs and broad chest for his size. The Miniature Dachshund stands at around 20 to 27 cm tall and weighs in between 9 and 12 kgs.


If you’re looking for a Miniature Dachshund puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that these dogs can live from 14 to 17 years old! It’s a good lifespan for a little chap who will become a devoted companion.


If you’re looking for a Miniature Dachshund puppy for sale in Scotland, you should know that this little guy really is a high energy dog and needs to be given the right amount of mental and physical stimulation to keep him out of mischief. A shorter walk would do him in the morning with a longer walk in the afternoon – 20 to 40 minutes would be about right! Otherwise unwanted destructive behaviour could be problematic when this mini menace starts chewing items in the home.


Smooth-coated Miniature Dachshunds are pretty low maintenance on the grooming front and owners can get away with brushing them once per week. Dogs with longer coats need to be groomed more often to keep their coats and skin in peak condition. The long hair on the dog’s underbelly and around its ears can be fine and tangle easily so owners should take care to brush regularly to avoid matting. Regular brushing will also keep shedding under control when these dogs shed most in Spring and Autumn.

The Miniature Dachshunds also needs to have his ears checked frequently and cleaned to avoid a wax build-up which can lead to a painful infection. He also benefits from being bathed on occasion with a gentle doggy shampoo.


Adult Miniature Dachshunds should be fed twice per day with drinking water always available. Owners should monitor their dog’s weight and exercise to check that he is being fed the right amount as these little guys love their food and can be prone to putting on weight in later years.

Cost of Keeping a Miniature Dachshund

If you’re looking for a Miniature Dachshund puppy in Scotland, you should know it will set you back £1000 to £1200 to buy one of these little guys from well-bred stock. Additional costs including food, pet insurance, vaccinations, grooming and neutering. All of this will tally to between the £50 to £80 mark per month to keep him a healthy, happy and fit dog.

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