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In recent years, mixed breed dogs have rightfully earned the reputation of being the sweetest pups to have as family pets. Aside from their adorable appearances, several mixed breeds are allergen-free and don’t shed much. Careful breeding practices have produced an assortment of lovable canine varieties, each with its own particular charms and idiosyncrasies.

Following is a list of the most popular mixed breeds that have become favourites among hybrid breed, mongrel and doggy-lovers across the globe!

The Puggle

Personality, looks, and size—the Puggle , which is a cross between the Beagle and the Pug has it all!

Standing at just over a foot tall and weighing in from 18-30 pounds, the Puggle makes an ideal pets for any home. They also have a relatively long life span at 10 to 15 years.

This little hybrid is a real darling and makes a wonderful addition to any family. The Puggle gets on famously with most other animals and quite good with children. The only potential drawback to the Puggle is its love affair with its own voice, which means it can be a rather barky little being. That said, the Puggle is they are clever and most eager to please their human masters, which means they are extremely trainable little dogs.

The Maltipoo

The product of breeding a Maltese with a Poodle is called a Maltipoo. These smart little pups not only look just like teddy bears, but they are very affectionate and fun to have in the home. They are very small dogs, at just 8” to 1’2” tall at the shoulder, and weighing in at 5 to 20 pounds.

Maltipoos are active little loves, and a fine member of a family living in a house or an apartment. They get on quite well with children and the elderly alike. These wonderful little creatures enjoy a life span of 10 to 13 years.

The Labradoodle

Labradoodles have become one of the most popular hybrid dog breeds in the world. Affectionate, intelligent, and very elegant looking, they are the result of breeding a Labrador Retriever with a Poodle.

Labradoodles are larger dogs, with their shoulders at 1’9” tall. They weigh in between 50 to 65 pounds and live for 12 to 14 years. The original goal of the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia was to create a hypo-allergenic guide dog. The resulting pup is sociable and friendly, making fantastic family pets – and many of them are free from shedding.

Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Scotland Puppies for Sale in Scotland

The Goldendoodle

Some prefer to call the result of breeding Golden Retrievers and Poodles “Groodles”, but their true breed name is the Goldendoodle. Beauty and brains is the result of this cross-breed!

Goldendoodles are quite sizable for a mixed breed, standing at 1’8” tall at the shoulder and weighing between 50 and 90 pounds. Over the years, Goldendoodles have shown that they make a great addition to any family, and they live for up to 10 to 15 years. These gorgeous dogs were originally produced to be a larger option of the popular Cockapoo, and have gained quite a following ever since.

The Maltese Shih Tzu

This unique looking hybrid is the product of crossing a Maltese with a Shih Tzu. They are brainy little pups that are around 10” tall at the shoulder and weigh between 6 and 12 pounds. The Maltese Shih Tzu’s life span spans between 12 and 14 years.

They are often alternatively referred to as the Mal-shi, Maltizu, or the Malt-Tzu, and are one of the few designer dog breeds that doesn’t have any Poodle in its ancestry. As lively as they are small, the Maltese Shih Tzu is a lovely companion dog and is another allergen-free and shed-free option for dog lovers. These darling little dogs delight in playing with children as well, so they are suitable in most family homes.

The Cockapoo

The puppy of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle is called a Cockapoo, and it is just as pretty as a picture. The Cockapoo is the original “designer dog” and measures in at just over a foot tall at the shoulder, weighing in at about 19 pounds.

Cockapoos are wonderful and smallish dogs, and are famous for being the class clowns in the world of dog breeds. They were first observed in the 1960’s and are completely enamoured with their human counterparts, making them a breeze to train. These smart puppies live between 12 to 15 years and are absolute joys for any family to own. Their sweet nature makes them excellent “therapy” dogs.

Cockapoo Puppies for Sale Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Scotland

The Schnoodle

Schnoodles are born to a Poodle and a Schnauzer and tend to be fantastic therapy dogs. They are also talented performance dogs and love to show off. They are relatively small dogs, at about 1’2” tall at the shoulder, give or take a couple of inches. They weigh between 20 to 75 pounds and live between 10 and 15 years.

Schnoodles are perfect family pets. They are active, clever, and very cuddly. They tend to inherit the best aspects of both breeds, with the Poodle’s eager to please nature and the hardiness of the Schnauzer.

The Peekapoo

When a Poodle is crossed with a Pekingese, a Peekapoo is born. They originated about fifty years ago, and are up to 11 inches tall at the shoulder. They weigh between 4 and 20 pounds and live for about 10 to 15 years.

If you are looking for the perfect, loving companion dog, a Peekapoo may be the best choice for you. They are loyal and protective as they are cuddly—which is a considerable amount.

The Yorkipoo

When the sweet Miniature Poodle is mixed with the beautiful Yorkshire Terrier, the utterly adorable and gorgeous Yorkipoo is born. They are petite, standing 7 inches to a foot high at the shoulder, weighing in at just 4 to 14 pounds. Their life span is between 10 and 15 years.

Affectionate, highly intelligent, and endlessly playful, yet gentle, the Yorkipoo is quite the jester and will keep you entertained and laughing for hours on end. They tend to be very talkative, so they may be barky, but this just makes them perfect companions to a single person living in an apartment.

The Goldador

The Goldador is the product of mixing a Golden Retriever with a Labrador Retriever. It really does produce the best of both worlds and a good-natured dog. They are slightly larger dogs measuring from just under 2 feet to 2 feet tall at the shoulder. They weigh between 60 and 80 pounds and live between 10 and 15 years.

Goldadors are rather devoted canines that possess tons of energy, but with their good nature, they make a perfect addition to any family. They are exceptional around children and get along quite well with other pets, which makes them an ideal dog in any home.

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