Shar Pei Puppies for Sale in Scotland

Instantly recognisable as a sandy or minky coloured dog with a wrinkly coat and face, the Sharpei is a cute, yet, simultaneously ugly, cuddly- looking dog that has made his way into many family homes as a loyal and loving companion.

It’s thought that the Sharpei is an ancient breed and statues that look like this breed of dog date back to 200 BC. Once developed as a hunting and herding breed and even a fighter in the Chinese provinces, the Sharpei is now mostly a companion dog who is devoted to his family.

If you’re looking for a Sharpei Puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that nowadays, he’s a lover not a fighter and prefers humans to other dogs. He loves nothing more than being with his owner and is like a shadow. This should be considered before entering into a relationship with a Sharpei pup because he would prefer his owner to work from home or have another steady companion to offer him company.

Socialisation from early puppy-hood with family members, friends and other pets and to sights and sounds in the park is important as the Sharpei needs to learn early social skills to avoid him from becoming over-protective of his family. He can also become aggressive around other dogs and this is because he was once trained as a fighter. This can be overcome with early socialisation and calm and consistent training and rewards.

With an almost telepathic understanding of his owner, the Sharpei is assured, independent, intelligent and playful; he just needs a strong leader to ensure that he follows their guidance and becomes a well-mannered adult dog.

Shar Pei Dogs for Sale Shar Pei Puppies for Sale


If you’re looking for a Sharpei puppy for sale in Scotland, chances are you’ve been brought up with one or know someone who’s had one. Either way, it’s a well-worth reminder that while the Sharpei is loyal to its handler, as well as being clever, intelligent and brave, he can be a bit stubborn and dominant!

Although cute and cuddly with his sandy skin and wrinkly face, the Sharpei is definitely not for the first-time dog owner and needs a strong authority figure to ensure he becomes a well-rounded pet. He should know that all humans are above him in the pecking order in your home. Kids around the Sharpei also need to be taught leadership skills and owners should remember that no dog should be left unsupervised with children.

That said, the Sharpei can make a good family pet. It’s probably best if he’s introduced to a home that already has children and is brought up with them as will become devoted to every family member and make for a good friend.

The Sharpei makes an excellent watchdog. He is also a clean dog and easy to house train. He also does well in obedience, agility and herding activities which would have come from his inherent skills from working on the farm.

Description of The Sharpei

The Sharpei’s name literally means ‘sand skin’ and refers to the short texture of this breed’s coat. The Sharpei comes in two Kennel Club accepted coat-types including the ‘horse coat’ which is rough and prickly to the touch when petting one way and smooth in the other direction. The ‘brush coat’ is slightly longer with a smoother feel. A coat which appears longer in length and is one inch longer at the withers is considered as a ‘bear coat’ and this is not a breed standard. It would have the same harsh feel as the horse coat.

The Sharpei’s coat should also be solid in colour and this can come in variations of blue, black, cream, sable, fawn, red, apricot and chocolate.

The Sharpei can also have a dilute colouration which means that the nose and nails of the dog can be the same colour as the coat.

As well as having a wrinkly demeanor with his loose skin and minky coloured coat, the kind-looking Sharpei is a rather square-bodied dog, with a sturdy head and flat skull. His nose is wide - usually black in colour although this can change to pink and black and still meet Kennel Club standards. He has a flat nose which can mean he is is prone to breathing difficulties in warm weather and it also means he is a bit of a snorer too! He has small ears and his eyes are deep-set and almond-shaped. His eyes can be dark in colour or light coloured depending on the dog’s coat.

The Sharpei has a strong jaw with a perfect scissor bite. He also has a bluish-tongue which can be a breeder preference. He is a strong dog with broad shoulders and muscular hindquarters, while his tail is rounded and tapers to a point and he carries it curved and high.

The Sharpei stands at between 45 -55cm and weighs in at 18 to 29kg depending on whether it’s a male or female dog.


If you’re looking for a Sharpei puppy in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that the Sharpei can live between 9 and 11 years. It’s a fair commitment to make to any dog and owners should research the breed as much as they can before taking the steps to buy one.


If you’re looking for a Sharpei puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth noting that he makes a great devoted, companion and he’s not too much of a high energy dog. Though the Sharpei does need to be walked and given enough mental stimulation through play to keep him from boredom. If these needs aren’t met then this could prompt some unwanted and destructive behaviours in the home. The Sharpei should be walked twice per day to keep him happy and healthy.


The Sharpei needs to be groomed regularly - taking care to clean and dry his folds and wrinkles to avoid any fungal infections setting in. This dog does not have an undercoat as such and this means that the Sharpei can be high maintenance in the grooming department. His ears also need checked and cleaned so that wax doesn’t build up and cause infection as this can be painful for the dog and difficult to get rid of. Owners should also clean the Sharpei’s eyes as necessary.


The Sharpei should be fed twice per day - once in the morning and again in the evening on good quality wet or dry food with drinking water always available. Treats should make up only 20 percent of a dog’s daily diet. Owners should remember this especially when training their pets. The Sharpei will train well with consistent commands and rewards.

Cost of Keeping a Sharpei

If you’re looking for a Sharpei puppy in Scotland, you should know that the average price to buy one of these dogs ranges between £750 and £1100. It will cost on average between around £70 to £100 per month to share your life with a Sharpei. This includes food, pet insurance, grooming, vaccinations and neutering your dog.

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