Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale in Scotland

If you’re looking for a Siberian Husky puppy for sale in Scotland, chances are you’ve been brought up with one in the family and know the breed. If not, you have a lot to learn before making a commitment to one of these beautiful dogs!

Medium in size, the husky originates from Siberia in Russia. They are an extremely friendly breed, but owners need to know how to handle them and be prepared for an inordinate amount of shedding!

The Husky sheds his coat twice a year and this means an impressive amount of fur falls to the ground, so this breed is not for those who prefer to keep an immaculate home.

He is also a breed that needs to be kept on the lead for long and energetic walks, but be prepared to be pulled along as that’s what these dogs were bred to do – pulling sleds in Siberia!

The Husky has a distinct look with a thick double coat and a wolf-like appearance, almond eyes and triangular ears.

Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale Siberian Husky Dogs for Sale


Siberian Huskies are known for being alert, strong and athletic. Once the chosen sleigh dog of the Chukchi population – Eskimos of Western Siberia, they’re known for having fantastic stamina which could see them pulling sleds over 150 km in sub-zero temperatures.

The modern day husky can be a good family pet, though he’s definitely not a purchase that should be made for a first-time dog owner; the Husky needs firm leadership. Consistent obedience training from a young age is a crucial as the Husky can be a bit of a difficult breed to train and this includes in all areas such as toileting.

The Husky is perhaps one of the most popular wrongly purchased dogs as people love how they look, but do not realise the care and training that goes into owning one. It’s for this reason, that the Husky is a breed often found in rescue centres.

He’s a howler and a digger so be prepared for him to howl like a wolf and dig holes in your garden. This breed is best given his own digging spot spot in the garden as he can be destructive in the home.

Although he likes to howl, he does not make a good watch dog and rather than alert you to any burglar activity he would try to make best friends with the burglar, begging for food and licking him to death!

That said, the Husky is affectionate and good natured with children though like all dogs they should never be left alone around them. This breed also likes to live in homes with more than one dog. Owners should beware that they have a strong prey drive and they will chase other smaller animals.

Description of the Siberian Husky

Those looking for a Siberian Husky puppy in Scotland might like to know that the Husky can also be known by the names Sibe, Arctic Husky and Chukcha.

Known for his wolf-like appearance, it’s the Husky’s eyes that make him so appealing. Almond shaped in the colours of either brown or blue or with one and the other, he has an intelligent gaze that is friendly and often mischievious!

He’s all dog and all in proportion with a thick double coat which can come in the colours of black, black and white, cream and white, piebald, grey and white, red and white, sable and white, silver and grey and he has a thick foxy tail which he carries in a curve when alert.

A strong-looking dog, the Husky has a deep chest and muscular upper thighs. He also has webbed feet between his paws. With his triangular ears, the Husky always looks alert, while his nose can be black, tan or flesh coloured and he has a perfect scissor bite.

The Husky stands at a height of between 53 to 61cm tall and weighs in at between 16 to 27kg - depending on whether it’s a male or female.


If you’re still interested in keeping a Siberian Husky in your life and not just for his looks, know that a lifelong commitment to this breed could last 12 – 14 years.


Those looking for a Siberian Husky Puppy in Scotland should be aware that the Husky needs at least two hours of exercise per day! He also needs a lot of mental stimulation through play and consistent obedience training as otherwise the Husky can become bored and display unwanted behaviours.

Huskies have a curious nature and can get up to mischief exploring so a high fenced garden with the fence buried well below the soil is a must for keeping the Husky contained, otherwise he will dig his way out! This breed are also known for slipping their collars and finding other ways to escape!

These guys need to let off steam, so they’re not suitable for apartment living – a garden area is a must have for a Husky who likes to romp and roam. They cannot be kept out in sunshine for too long due to their double coats, so in hot weather owners should aim to go for walks early in the mornings and late in the evenings.


Owners will need to book in time to regularly groom their Husky at least once per week. He has a thick double coat with medium-length hair and a soft dense undercoat

Owners can expect the Husky to shed an average amount except for twice per year in Spring and Autumn when they shed their coats and this can mean fur everywhere for about three weeks! Owners can try to help the shedding process by brushing their dog in the garden daily throughout this period to try to keep the mess in their homes to a minimum.

The Husky will actually clean himself much like a cat does and he’s not known for needing too many baths unless he jumps in stagnant water or something smelly. If you do need to bathe your Husky use a baby or doggy shampoo that will be gentle on his skin.

Teeth brushing is a good idea for the Husky too to keep tartar at a minimum and to avoid bad dog-breath and he will need his nails trimmed regularly too.


Although a high energy dog, The Siberian Husky was bred to be able to sustain himself on little food. That said, he should be fed on high quality wet or dry food twice per day with fresh drinking water always available.

Cost of Keeping a Siberian Husky

If you’re looking to buy a Siberian Husky puppy in Scotland, it could cost between £400 and £600 for a well-bred pup and you need to be sure that you do your homework and are able to commit the time and training to this kind of dog before you buy! Always ask to visit the breeder in the place of the dog’s birth before buying a puppy and check that the mother and all of her litter looks healthy.

Sharing your life with a Siberian Husky will cost between £80 and £100 per month. This will include the dog’s food, insurance, initial vaccinations and neutering your dog.

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