Toy Poodles Puppies for Sale in Scotland

Highly intelligent and non-shedding, the Toy Poodle makes a happy companion, perfect for the more compact home.

This little dog doesn’t need too much exercise, infact he’s probably at his happiest with a couple of brisk walks a day and pootling around the garden. That said, some can be miniature athletes fleeing around the garden like little spring lambs, though it is mental stimulation that they need most to keep these little dogs happy. They like playing fetch games and hide ‘n’ seek to find various toys.

The Toy Poodle likes to be the centre of attention and therefore is mostly a one-man /woman dog, however, he can settle into family life as long as small children don’t try to pick him up too often as he’s so small and fragile. He makes a better pet where there are older children in the home who can display leadership skills. The Toy Poodle simply won’t put up with being messed about by small kids, but responsible owners wouldn’t let him.

Some people suggest the poodle can be aloof with strangers, however, there are many Toy Poodles who are affable and friendly, even to the postman. The poodle’s bark is a keen one and he makes a good little watchdog when someone approaches your home.

Toy Poodle Dogs for Sale Toy Poodle Puppies for Sale


If you’re looking for a Toy Poodle puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that this breed needs companionship and can suffer terribly from separation anxiety. He fairs best when there is one person who is always at home.

Toy Poodles also like routine and learn them very quickly; clever and calculating and almost telepathic, they often anticipate exactly what you’re going to do next and get frustrated when a routine changes. The Toy Poodle is a sensitive soul and he can get emotionally upset if there is too much noise or a household becomes crowded, however, like all dogs, socialisation is very important and if handled by humans as a puppy, the poodle is likely to be less sensitive and well-balanced, rather than a nervy neurotic dog which is simply a stereotype.

With a positive approach to training and socialisation, this little dog can be a happy, outgoing little fellow that makes friends with everyone, humans and animals.

Description of the Toy Poodle

If you’re looking for a Toy Poodle for sale in Scotland, know that this little dog is attentive, intelligent, lively and playful. He needs mental and physical exercise and socialisation in order to have a trustworthy dog that’s mentally stable and not overly shy or timid.

The Toy Poodle dates back over 500 years where it was used to work as a water retriever in the marshlands of Germany. People often think of it as a French dog, but it’s thought to have been taken into France by German soldiers. Its canine name is the ‘Caniche or ‘Barbone’. Both male and female dogs stand at between 24 and 28cm and weigh anything between 3-4 kgs.

The Toy Poodle is relatively easy to house train and he’s polite with strangers. He is a registered breed with the Kennel Club which recognise solid coloured poodles as breed standards. The poodle has thick, close-lying curly hair and can come in a variety of colours from apricot to black and blue, red, brown, silver, cream and white.


If you’re looking for a Toy Poodle puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that they can live up to 15 to 20 years – quite a commitment! It’s a good lifespan for a tiny new poodle friend!


As a general rule, the Toy Poodle is low maintenance and make for easier pets for small houses and older companions.

That said they still need the right amount of exercise and attention to ensure they are not highly strung and timid. Positive training and exercise also stops the poodle from adopting ‘Small Dog Syndrome’ where they are unsure as to who the leader is in the home. These little dogs need to know who’s boss and be kept in check to avoid this situation and unwanted barking.

Toy Poodles are pretty easy to cater for on the exercise front. They don’t like venturing too far, preferring more brisk walks and to pootle around the garden, though many can walk a couple of miles a day – it really depends on their size and fragility. Some Toy Poodles at the top end of the scale, weighing in around 4kgs , can easily walk a couple of miles in an afternoon.


Some people can be quite particular when it comes to grooming their poodles. Many owners will visit a grooming salon every two to three months, whereas there are others who like to keep their little pet cute as a button and learn to groom and clip them themselves, every other week. Grooming is a personal choice, but most of these little dogs really enjoy the attention.


Toy Poodles should be fed twice per day with drinking water always available. Owners should check with their vet to monitor their dog’s weight and exercise to check that he is being sufficiently. These little dogs can be fussy with food, so it’s important to be strict with their diet and not give into poodles who only want to eat human food and treats!

Cost of Keeping a Toy Poodle

If you’re looking for a Toy Poodle puppy for sale in Scotland, you should know that the average price to buy a puppy ranges between £600 to £1200. It will cost on average between around £40 to £90 per month to keep a Toy Poodle in your life including food, grooming, insurance, vaccinations and neutering

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