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Scottish Fold in the UK

we found 2 Scottish Fold in the UK

Pure Scottish Fold Kittens
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United Kingdom
Added 2 months, 22 days ago
For Sale by williamsvenz williamsvenz
Kittens are very sociable and affectionate, playful.Both parents are Scottish Fold with Pedigree.Kittens are friendly with dogs, cat litter trained.
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TICA Registered scotish fold kittens
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United Kingdom
Added 3 months, 17 days ago
For Sale by Debbie Daisykain@hotmail.com
PLEASE READ FULL ADVERT BEFORE CONTACTING US* We are members of the GCCF & TICA Cat clubs, we are small hobby / show breeders of Heath Tested GCCF & TICA Registered British shorthair kitten & TICA Registered Scottish fold kittens. We sometimes get a longhaired kitten in a litter, If you are interested in giving one of our kittens a first class home, please register your interest now as we have a waiting list. We...