Akita Puppies for Sale in Scotland

At 145 pounds in weight, the Akita is a big dog. He was once used as a fighting breed in Japan, but later used to guard nobility and for hunting down wild boar and black bears! He has since been used as a military dog and in the police as well as a therapy dog.

There isn’t any doubt that the Akita is an impressive and courageous breed that is completely devoted and loyal to his family, however, he’s not the best fit for a first-time dog owner. The Akita needs a strong handler who can train and socialise him and mould him into a well-rounded pet.

The Akita is an ancient breed of dog thought to date back before 8000 BC. Today he is a well-known across the world and popular for his noble looks and loving nature.


The Akita needs a strong handler and actually enjoys having someone that he can look to for leadership and guidance. He is not the best choice for any first-time dog owner or inexperienced handler by any stretch of the imagination, but for the Akita enthusiast he can make a good, loving pet.

Akita Puppies for Sale in Scotland Akita Dogs for Sale in Scotland

The Akita is an intelligent big boy and he’s a strong character. He will easily picks up new skills and good and bad habits just as quickly! You could say that he has a mind of his own, therefore, he needs trained with a gentle, but firm hand to let him know his place in the pack in the home. The Akita would not respond well to any rough handling at all.

Owners should remember that the Akita has an inherent need to guard and protect his family at all times and this should be at front of mind when introducing strangers into the home – and this includes friends of children to ensure the Akita dosen’t go into guard mode unnecessarily.

Socialisation and puppy obedience classes really are a must for this breed; he can be a bit stubborn if he’s not properly managed and this can manifest in dominance, so the Akita needs to be kept in check from puppyhood.

Socialisation with other dogs should be introduced as early as possible because this breed can be prone to aggression with other dogs. Owners will need to socialise him well, so that he learns to play rather than fight with other dogs. The Akita will usually see small animals as fair game; unless he is brought up with smaller pets - then he is usually tolerant and will actually see them as part of his family.

Likewise, if brought up with children from puppyhood, the Akita can be is very kind and affectionate. Like all dogs, the Akita should be supervised around children and watched very carefully if a child brings a new friend into the home as the dog may perceive him as an intruder.

Children around an Akita need to be taught to respect the dog’s boundaries. He’s probably a better choice pet where there are older, rather than younger children in the home. Likewise, the Akita needs to be trained to respect that all humans are above him in the pack.

He gets bored with repetitive commands so the Akita need to be trained in a firm but positive manner with positive voice intonation and rewards and treats as recognition for good work.

The Akita is not really the right size for apartment living, but he is pretty adaptable as long as he’s exercised properly. He’s a calm dog and likes to know where his owner is at all times. The Akita is not known for destructive behaviour in the home.

The look of the Akita belies his docile nature; he has actually been used as a therapy dog in homes for the elderly such is his gentle and loving personality.

With the right handler teaching obedience and respect from a very young age and the correct mental and physical stimulation, he can make a fine, well-mannered dog!

Description of the Akita

If you’re looking for a Akita puppy in Scotland, you need to know that he’s a powerful dog. He is an ancient breed of powerful and fearless dog, which hails from the Matagi-Inu breed introduced to Japan from Korea.

It’s thought that today’s Akita has come from a cross breeding of the Matagi –Inu with the Great Dane , St Bernards, Mastiffs and Bulldogs.

The Akita is now considered the national dog of Japan and a bit of a good luck charm!Parents of new babies are often given small statues of the Akita, as a gesture of good health and to sick people to aid a speedy recovery.

There are actually two types of Akita; a Japanese Akita and an American Akita. They both look similar and stand around 65 to 70 cm tall, however, the American Akita is a slightly heavier dog, with the heavier females weighing in at 45 to 66kg, whereas the Japanese female weighs in at around the 50 to 65 kg mark. There isn’t much between them, but the Japanese Akita is likely to be a bit smaller and lighter than the Amercian Akita.

The Amercian breed standard of dog also allows for the dog to have a black mask, while the Japanese version does not.

The Akita has a strong head and broad and full muzzle and broad black nose. His eyes are triangular in shape and dark brown and iummed with black, while his ears are triangular, wide at the base and round at the tip. He’s a muscular dog whose body is longer in length than in height. The Akita also has a muscular neck and deep and broad chest, strong shoulders and straight heavy boned legs at the front. His hindquarters are equally sturdy, with well developed upper thighs and feet – a bit like a ‘big cat’ – strong-knuckled with thick pads.

The Akita has a thick double coat that’s harsh on the outside and soft inside. This can come in any colour including white, brindle. The markings on an Akita are striking and clear and the undercoat can be a different colour from the outercoat.


If you’re looking for a Akita puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that these dogs can live from 10-15 years! It’s a long life for a big dog and a lot of responsibility. Anyone taking him on must know how to handle him! A greeting from a 145 pounds dog is one helluva greeting and ownership should not be taken lightly!


If you’re looking for an Akita puppy for sale in Scotland, you should know that he is a dog that needs to be active. Two one-hour walks each day are required to keep the Akita physically fit and mentally stimulated.


The Akita has a double coat and he is a bit of a shedder. This makes grooming rather high maintenance and he will need brushed once every two days to keep his skin and coat in good condition. He will also need to go to a professional groomer three times each year, so owners should get the dog used to having his paws and ears touched regularly to get him used to routine grooming. The Akita will also shed more in Spring and Autumn.


An Akita needs to be fed twice per day rather than one large meal per day as he can be prone to something called bloat where the dog’s intestine can twist due to gass and this can be very uncomfortable and even fatal for the dog. Quality wet or dry food should be given twice per day with drinking water always available.

Cost of Keeping an Akita

If you’re looking for an Akita puppy in Scotland, you should know it will set you back £300 to £600 to buy one of these dogs from a reputable breeder. Additional costs including food, pet insurance, vaccinations, grooming and neutering will take monthly costs to around £100 - £140 per month.

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