Old Tyme Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Scotland

Although not yet recognised as an official breed by the Kennel Club, the Old Tyme Bulldog is a cousin of the English Bulldog! He’s a relatively new breed that been developed to create a type of bulldog from yester-year in both personality and appearance, when these dogs were taller, had smaller heads and a longer muzzle.

Many local breed clubs have been set up to produce healthy Old Tyme Bulldogs and their numbers and popularity is slowly rising.

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Would you like to know more about the Old Tyme Bulldog? Could this be the dog you’re looking for? Read on to find out how life with this big boy could pan out.


The Old Tyme Bulldog is a powerful package in a sturdy body, therefore, he has to know his place from day one, so that you don’t end up wrestling a five stone dog who’s simply giving you a loving greeting each time you come home! And he will – because the Old Tyme Bulldog loves his owner dearly, but he needs to know his place in the pack so he can take direction from his boss.

Old Tyme Bulldog Dogs for Sale Old Tyme Bulldog Puppies for Sale

If truth be told he’d prefer a human who’s always home or at least works from home most of the time. He loves to be part of the family and in the middle of all the action.

This breed of dog is a pretty good choice for the first-time dog owner as long as they have the time and dedication to train him because although he’s pretty smart, he’s a bit of a stubborn guy who likes to do things in his own time.

Positive training with repetition of commands and rewards is the way to go to get the best out of this big guy with the rather grumpy mugshot, exacerbated by his wrinkly face, hang-dog eyes and undershot jaw!

He’s eager to please and loves praise from his owner, so speaking to him with a positive tone is a must to keep him happy. He would never react well to any heavy-handed training methods and food rewards are probably best as he’s likes his grub!

Training and socialisation of the Old Tyme Bulldog should start early and owners should enrol him in puppy classes as he needs to get used to all sorts of sights and sounds, humans and other pet to make him a well-balanced, sound and trustworthy adult dog.

The Old Tyme Bulldog is actually good around children and instinctively protective of them, however, all dogs should be supervised around children and adults should never leave their kids alone with any dog. The Old Tyme Bulldog is perhaps not the best choice for those who have young children in the family due to his size as he likes to play and could get a bit boisterous.

Description of the Old Tyme Bulldog

The Old Tyme Bulldog is a new breed of bulldog that has been modelled on an older style of bulldog from days gone by. Sturdy and powerful in appearance, he is pretty compact and has a slightly finer, more athletic build than his English Bulldog cousin, though he’s still muscly with a deep chest and strong legs. He has longer legs and a longer muzzle than an English Bulldog, which means that he has less trouble with breathing than the English Bulldog with his shortened snout.

The Old Tyme Bulldog is quite a proud looking dog that still has an undershot jaw and wrinkly forehead making him appear a bit like a grumpy old man. His ears are set wide and high on his head and fall close to his head when he’s relaxed, but he is able to raise them when curious and excited! He also has a slightly arched back and carries his tail quite high when walking. His coat is usually white, red, brindle and can be a combination of these colours with white markings.

The Old Tyme Bulldog stands at a height of between 43cm-48cm and weigh in at between 20-30kgs. He’s a whole lot of dog!


If you’re looking for an Old Tyme Bulldog puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that he can live between 9-14 years.


The Old Tyme Bulldog is not such a high energy dog , but needs the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation through play to keep him from boredom. He’s a known chewer, so when bored could be prone to destructive chewing of your home and belongings to relieve stress. Best to give him his own chew toys to play with!

This dog needs to be walked for at least 30 minutes twice per day and ideally have access to a garden to roam around and play.


The Old Tyme Bulldog is low maintenance on the grooming front with his short, close lying coat. A weekly brush is all it takes to keep his coat in good condition though he will shed a bit more in Spring and Autumn and owners may wish to brush him a bit more often to keep this bay. Some owners will even give this dog’s coat a once over with a chamois leather cloth to give it a nice sheen.


The Old Tyme Bulldog likes his food and owners should aim to stick to two meals per day – one in the morning and one in the evening. Owners need to keep an eye on this dog’s diet to avoid their dog becoming overweight and keep in mind that treats should make up only 20% of their dog’s diet. An Old Tyme Bulldog must also have access to drinking water at all times.

Cost of Keeping an Old Tyme Bulldog

Those looking for an Old Tyme Bulldog puppy in Scotland, should know that it costs upwards of £500 to buy one of these dogs from a reputable breeder. Owners should do their homework on breeders before buying a puppy and ask to see the litter with their mother and in the place of birth before buying. It costs on average between around £80 to £160 per month to keep an Old Tyme Bulldog for life. This is inclusive of all food, pet insurance, grooming, vaccinations and neutering.

Looking for a Old Tyme Bulldog?

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